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Bob en raphia bande brillante - BOBALINO Ecru/Beige

L'Atelier du crochet
39.50 EUR

    The Bobalino, a classic Atelier du Crochet shape, stands out with a touch of glamor. This handmade raffia hat will be your favorite summer accessory. Its iridescent band is ideal for adding style to your beach and city outfits, as well as protecting you from the sun's rays in style.

    Available in Tea / Bordeaux, Tea / Black, Ecru / Natural, Ecru / Caramel
    The little extra: Its adjustable inner band for more comfort and a suitable size.

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  2. Each piece is unique. Its artisanal production requires several days of work. Any variations in colors or shapes are linked to the material or its production.

    To prolong the quality of our creations, we recommend that you protect them from the rain, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and protect the leather parts by applying a waterproofing agent.

    When not in use, feel free to stuff your hat with newspaper balls to keep its original shape and protect it from sun and dust using a cotton pouch. It is also important to store your hat well, a slightly damp place is ideal, place it upside down, making sure that the brim does not touch any surfaces.

    Avoid folding your hat as you risk giving it the wrong shape. However, to travel with your hat, you can perfectly roll it up, but for a short time it is strongly advised not to leave the hat rolled up during the wintering period.

    In case of stains: Clean your hat with a clean, soft damp cloth and let it air dry, but out of direct sunlight.

    For the leather parts, you can use a special leather stain remover by testing it beforehand on a hidden side. For grease stains, you can apply Sommières earth.

    If your hat has unfortunately been used in the rain, we recommend that you turn the internal protective strip upside down and move the leather parts of the raffia as far as possible. Air dry it and avoid laying it flat.