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Corbeille décoration racine de vetiver- VETIVAO - S3 Large

Le voyage en panier
37.00 EUR
  1. This pretty basket made by hand in vetiver will be the ideal decoration for your interior,
    It will fulfill multiple functions: fruit basket, pot pourri, storage compartment...
    In addition to being decorative, it gives off a pleasant fragrance that will intoxicate your home;

    Available in 3 sizes.

    The little extra: Vetiver and its many virtues
  2. Cultivated in the west of Madagascar and harvested during the rainy season, the
    vetiver is a plant that stands out from others by its presentation.
    Indeed, it has the shape of a tangled cluster and has white roots. It has always been used and very
    appreciated for its aromatic properties.
    This plant is also known for its healing, anti-depressant and sedative properties.
    Because of the odoriferous molecules it contains, it is highly prized by manufacturers for its insecticidal properties.
    In domestic use, its scent helps keep moths away.
    It is also widely used in cosmetology and perfumery as a base note in perfumes, both male and female. A famous perfume created in 1959 by Guerlain bears, in all simplicity, the name of Vetiver.
    Our baskets in organic vetiver from Madagascar are woven entirely by hand by our craftsmen. Production is limited, as they are few
    Many have mastered this technique.
    All its virtues and its fragrance are diffused over the years.
    As soon as the vetiver loses its fragrance, it must be immersed in clear water and it will regain all its aroma.